23 July, 2011

Postcard Paris Et Ses Merveilles...

Paris, the world's most popular city destination, has plenty of must-see places but make sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the real Paris: a lively cosmopolitan but undeniably French city.

La Seine, le quai d'Orsay et la tour Eiffel.

The Seine River (780km) is the second longest river in France after the Loire River. The old buildings, the riverboats, the changes of colour reflected by the water, the gardens, and the 32 bridges compose one of the worlds grandest, yet most endearing cityscapes.

Along the river are two of the great set pieces of urban spectacle in the contemporary world. The first sweeps down from the Palais de Chaillot on the Right Bank, crosses the river to the Eiffel Tower, and continues through the gardens of the Champ-de-Mars to the 18th-century Ecole Militaire; the other begins at the Seine and marches up a broad esplanade to the golden dome of the Invalides.

For more information, please visit: Wikipedia/Paris

Moral Value: Teringin juga hendak ke Paris, akan ku gapai menara Eiffel, tapi apakan daya tangan tak sampai.. dapat simpan poskad pun jadilah.

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Hunnym Syot 美智子 said...

:) teringin jugak nak pergi paris!!
blum tercapai lagi :(


syafiqakarim said...

kalau nak pegi,bwk iqa ye.

dreamygirl said...

nostalgic feeling..bila masuk blog ni..hu2 -)

Blues Riders said...

BR to Hunnym Syot 美智子:
entahlah bila nak sampai situ.. angan2 saja lah. hehe..

BR to syafiqakarim:
boleh.. boleh..

BR to dreamygirl:
"mengimbau masa silam yang blues" huhu..

Alan said...

tahun 80an dulu boleh dikatakan murah lagi nak pergi eropah..tapi sekarang tak boleh dah..sekarang ni nak pergi hajipun kena ada 10 ribu.

Blues Riders said...

BR to bro Alan:
itulah masalahnya bro, haji pun belum lagi ni..

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