10 December, 2011

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is a stylish city located on the Basque coast of north west Spain just 20km from the French border. It has long been an attractive resort for the wealthy who escape the overpowering heat of the interior during the summer months and as a result property prices in San Sebastian remain amongst the highest in the country.

The island of Santa Clara is situated closely offshore in the centre of the La Concha Bay and can be accessed from the pier located on the eastern side of the isle. It is home to one of the areas prettiest beaches in the area, although due to the tides it can only be used for part of the day. The island can be accessed by boat.

Beautiful beaches are the hallmark of San Sebastian, a hidden gem in the Basque region of Northern Spain. Divided into a number of unique neighbourhoods including Gros, Centro and Amara Viejo, San Sebastian also has an old town area known as Parte Vieja.

Walau di manapun kita berada, pemandangan ketika matahari tenggelam amatlah menarik hati..

Untuk maklumat yang lebih lanjut, pembaca bolehlah ke: Wikitravel/San Sebastian

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LydSunshine said...

Cantiknye kejadian Allah. :) tenang jiwa.

Blues Riders said...

BR to LydSunshine:
sungguh cantik dan menenangkan jiwa..

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