08 October, 2011

Bressingham Gardens, Diss, Norfolk, England

Poskad yang berusia 30 tahun ini menggambarkan mengenai keindahan Taman Bressingham yang terletak di Barat Diss, Norfolk, England. Kita ikuti kisahnya:

Bressingham is a large scattered village, on the north side of the open vale of the Waveney, 2 miles W. by N. of Diss, and has in its parish 647 inhabitants, and 2287a. of land, lying mostly in the Duke of Norfolk's manors of Bressingham and Boyland, (fines arbitrary) and partly in the rectory manor, and Buckenham Priory manor.

Alan Bloom (1906-2005) was one of the great British plantsmen of the twentieth century. Founder of the Blooms nursery business, created the Dell Garden and its famous 'Island Beds' from 1955-1962 A gardener from the age of 16, he bought Bressingham Hall, Norfolk in 1946 and founded a world-renowned gardening dynasty that today spans three generations.

This is a six-acre complex of about 50 island beds, which act as a trial-ground and conservation resource for the herbaceous and alpine plants (over 5,000 of them) for which Alan Bloom is famous.

Opening Times:
10.30 am–4.30 pm (5.30 pm from May to August); daily; 31 March to 30 October.

Adults £8.50; Concessions £8; Children £5.

Sila lawati Bressingham Gardens untuk maklumat lanjut.

6 Any comments?:

atuk said...

Assalamualaikum BR

lamanya, tinggi nilainya


kak zmah said...

cantiknya...kalau tengok real lagi cantik kan?

Blues Riders said...

BR to atuk:
kalau dapat poskad zaman malaya lagi tinggi nilainya..

BR to simanis yang manis:
sejuk hati juga..

BR to cikgu zmah:
entah bila nak pi sana...?

Hidayati said...

Lawanyer... teringin pulak nak melancong. Tapi tak bole tinggal laptop. Karang tak terfollow cerita kat sini pulak.

Blues Riders said...

BR to Hidayati:
memang cantik. 6 ekar tanah ditanam dengan hampir 5 000 spesis bunga2an.
bollywood mesti suka ni..

HEMA said...

cantiknya taman....

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