04 December, 2010

Poskad The Mosque of Dolmabahce and Bosphorus

Dolmabahçe Palace on the European shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul is a fitting symbol of the magnificence and decadence of the 19th-century Ottoman Empire.

The Mosque of Dolmabahce and Bosphorus on the moon light. It's just as a sultan's palace should be: huge and sumptuous, with 285 rooms, 43 large salons, a 4000 kg (4-1/2-ton) Bohemian glass chandelier, and a Bosphorus-shore façade nearly a quarter mile (1/2 km) long. It's the grandest of Ottoman imperial palaces.

The palace is loaded with superlatives. From its gargantuan Bohemian crystal chandelier to a brass and mahogany staircase with Baccarat crystal banisters, absolutely no detail was spared on the interior or exterior surface of a construction that required payment in 35 tons of gold.

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Kak Mahh said...

Cantik lah poskad tu

Iaryylr said...

Poskad yang menarik, memang tertarik!

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