05 June, 2011

The City Hall and Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Ontario, Canada

The City Hall symbolizes the modern thinking of Toronto. It stands on Nathan Philips' Square a 12 acre area containing green lawns and a reflecting pool that becomes a skating rink in winter. The First Tower on the right is 27 stories and the West Tower on the left is 20 floors high. The clam shaped stucture between the towers is the beautiful domed Council Chamber measuring 155 ft. in diameter and 40 ft. from the floor to the highest point in the dome.

The Square is named for Nathan Phillips, who was Mayor of Toronto from 1955 to 1962. Completed in 1966, Toronto's fourth City Hall was one of the city's first modernist buildings. The mayor, Nathan Phillips, held an international competition, won by Finnish architect Viljo Revell. Revell designed the council chamber as a low, round building, embraced by two concave office towers. The architect died before the building was completed and there is a commemorative column dedicated to him.

City Hall faces south on to the concrete expanse of Nathan Phillips Square. In the centre of the square there is The Peace Gardens and various sculptures are dotted around the city. The square is a lively gathering place, and hosts many public and civil events. At the square South end is a reflecting pool, a popular gathering place for people to relax in the summer, and ice skate in the winter.

For more information: Nathan Philips Square/Wikipedia

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teciq said...

"i hope u're doing fine down there" ayt tak bole belah..huhuhu..
btw, good info! :)

Iaryylr said...

Bro, saya nampak Bas mara dalam tu!

Blues Riders said...

BR to teciq:
terima kasih..

BR to bro ia:
eh eh.. betul la, ada bas mara.. hehe..

kay_are said...

memang cantik agak2 ade mall tak dekat dalam tu?? huu

Unknown said...

aku pun d toronto gak, eh, tronoh lah.

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