13 November, 2011

Warsaw Wilanów Palace, Poland

Wilanów is situated 10 km from the centre of Warsaw and is at the end of the historical Royal Route. Wilanów takes its name from words in Italian´villa nuova´. A palace with the park near Warsaw, built like a miniature of Versailles, at the end of the XVII century by an Italian architect Agostino Lotti for the King of Poland Jan III Sobieski. Several times rebuilt and changed later by among others Michelangelo Palloni.

Wilanow was built for Jan Sobieski (r. 1674-96), Poland's most dashing monarch. It was Sobieski who led the Catholic Allies in the liberation of Vienna from the Turks in 1683. This baroque belter later passed through the hands of several of Poland's most influential families, and it remained in private hands right up until 1944.

Wilanow mercifully survived the war, and today it represents one of the richest attractions in Warsaw. It's choc-full of splendid art, including paintings by some of the biggest names in European art, from Jean-Louis David to Bernardo Bellotto. The palace's fine gardens are currently undergoing renovation.

In the 1805 the owner Stanisław Kostka Potocki opened the public museum in Wilanow, which was one of the first in Poland.

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Iaryylr said...

Poland, lama tidak dengar nama negara ini,

Blues Riders said...

BR to bro ia:
teringin juga hendak melawat poland. duit tak ada.. huhu..

blog-tips-kurus said...

Poland tu macam banyak bangunan bersejarah & cantik. Negara Scandinavia tak??

Blues Riders said...

BR to blog-tips-kurus:
teringin juga hendak ke sana, lihat keindahan negara orang.

Cik tikah said...

cantiklah :)

Blues Riders said...

BR to Cik tikah:
memang cantik..

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