28 January, 2012


Poskad yang telah berusia 30 tahun ini menggambarkan mengenai keindahan bandar Amsterdam. Terdapat 10 tempat yang menarik yang digambarkan untuk kita lawati. Kita ikuti serba sedikit kisah mengenainya:

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, even though neither the Dutch government nor the head of state resides in Amsterdam. The largest city in the Netherlands is also the country's biggest tourist-draw.

With more than one million inhabitants in its urban area, it is the country's largest city and its financial, cultural, and creative centre. Amsterdam is colloquially known as Venice of the North, because of its lovely canals that criss-cross the city, its impressive architecture and more than 1,500 bridges.

There is something for every traveller's taste here, whether you prefer culture and history, serious partying, or just the relaxing charm of an old European city.

Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From its canals to world-famous museums and historical sights, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe.

Amsterdam is a compact little city, hosting dozens of world-class museums, miles of beautiful canals, well-maintained parks, narrow cobblestone streets with lots of Old World charm, and hundreds of hotels and outdoor cafes.

Most of Amsterdam's top attractions date from the city's heyday during the seventeenth century when it was a financial and political powerhouse. Most of the cities' famous canals and harmonious architecture stems from this era.

Amsterdam has long been considered one of the best cities to visit in Europe. It is a beautiful, laid back town with lots to do, lots to see, great food from all over the world and friendly people everywhere you go. A visit to downtown Amsterdam is like taking a walk back in time, as the center of the city is filled with historic architecture dating back to the 17th century.

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Fyda Moshimoshi said...


Blues Riders said...

BR to Fyda Moshimoshi:
wow!!! kalau dapat pergi lagi best..

uyaitusaya said...

bwk la kami jalan2 g sane.. ;)

Blues Riders said...

BR to uyaitusaya:
jom ler, uya belanja.. hehe..

Iaryylr said...

Bro, jumpa di Australia kita :)

fiqas said...

seronoknya klu dapat kesana..

Blues Riders said...

BR to bro ia:
jom!! nak pergi australia @ belanda?

BR to Fiqas:
memang seronok.. tengok negeri orang..

Cheqna said...

Memang seronok berpeluang melihat keindahan alam di negara lain..dan Alhamdulillah tahun lepas saya ada ke Amsterdam..tak puas rasanya :-)

Blues Riders said...

BR to Cheqna:
untunglah cheqna dah pergi ke amsterdam, BR pusing malaysia pun belum habis lg.. huhu..

Cheqna said...


InsyaAllah ada rezeki satu hari nanti,

n saya pun satu Malaysia belum pusing lagi..hehe:-)

Blues Riders said...

BR to Cheqna:
insyaAllah.. amin.

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