29 January, 2011

Poskad Jerusalem, The Kidron Valley

The Kidron Valley is one of the major geographical features around Jerusalem. At one time the spring of Gihon followed through the Kidron, creating the valley, but the spring was diverted by Hezekiah’s tunnel and the waters are now brought up to the Pool of Siloam within the city.

The Kidron Valley runs along the eastern wall of Jerusalem, separating the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. Running south, it links up with the valleys of Hinnom and Tyropoeon (valley of the cheese-makers). All around the Kidron are numerous Jewish tombs and graves, including some of the most famous of Jerusalem tombs: the Pillar of Absalom, the Tome of Bene Hezir, and the Tomb of Zachariah.

The Kidron Valley is the location for numerous important religious and archaeological sites just outside the walls of Jerusalem. According to the Old Testament, David fled through here during the rebellion of Absalom. Idols and pagan shrines were destroyed here by Israelite kings. According to the New Testament, Jesus would have passed through here between the Temple within the city and places like the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane outside.

For more information about The Kidron Valley, please visit: All About Archaeology

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