29 May, 2011

Postcard of Historic Suffolk

Hadleigh Guildhall from St. Mary's Churchyard

Hadleigh Guildhall complex is situated next to St Mary’s churchyard and is some six hundred years old. Over the years it has had many uses from market house and Guildhall all the way to a cloth hall and even a school. Present day it is used as the offices for the local town council.

Anne of Cleves House in Hamlet Road, Haverhill

It was built in 1540 by Henry VIII as a marriage settlement for his wife, Anne of Cleves. It was restored in 1986 and it is now used as a private nursing home.

Orford Castle

Henry II built Orford Castle in Suffolk between 1165 and 1173. His plans in doing so were fittingly perverse. The castle was built on the coast, and was clearly meant as a strong point for shoreline defences. But the potential invaders were actually a representation of opposition from within the country.

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